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Ecommerce mobile app development: Is it worth the money?

With news that mobile viewing is set to over take desktop viewing this year, it is no surprise that many ecommerce businesses are gearing up their mobile strategies. Whilst many business owners understand the benefits of mobile-friendly and responsive web designs, very few consider the advantages of developing a mobile app. Here we will examine the benefits of ecommerce mobile app development to help you decide whether it is worth the money.

Mobile users prefer using apps to their device’s internet browsers.

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Increase customer engagement

According to a study by Nielsen released in May this year, mobile users spend more time using apps than searching the internet. The study found that eighty six per cent of users were spending their time using apps, rather than their mobile internet browsers. With so many people using smartphone apps to do everything from making shopping lists to making actual purchases, it seems like far too good of an opportunity for ecommerce businesses to miss out on.


Using an ecommerce mobile app, businesses can deepen and personalise their engagement with customers. One of the ways they can do this is through using push notifications. These are messages that pop up on users’ phones. You can use them to communicate all sorts of information to your target audience, such as the fact your summer sale has now started or that you are offering free delivery, to entice them to re-visit your app and re-engage with your business.


Improve user experience for customers

Another advantage of mobile apps for ecommerce businesses is that providing they have been designed well, they can offer a greater user experience for customers than a desktop or mobile website can. This is due to the fact that they are optimised for the users’ phone model and tailored to meet their needs and requirements. Mobile apps also tend to load and run faster than traditional websites, allowing them to offer an even better user experience for customers. Allowing customers to make purchases quickly and easily, using your app, is a great way to increase your sales figures.


Learn more about your target audience

Having a mobile app developed for your ecommerce business will also allow you to learn more about your target audience. Just like websites, mobile apps can be integrated with analytics tools so you can see who is using the app, when they are using it and what for. Knowing this information will allow you to make better decisions for your business.

Mobile apps can be integrated with analytics tools so you can get to know your target audience better.

Image source: https://www.aivanet.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/06/3542294246_0f5de61b48_o.jpg


Create a whole new revenue stream for your business

Although mobile apps are certainly not cheap to design and develop, providing they are made to a high standard, they should prove to offer a great return on investment. If you think about it, you are essentially creating a brand new revenue stream for your business. Run it alongside your traditional ecommerce website and you will stand the best chance at increasing your profits.



Although there are many advantages to building a mobile version of your ecommerce store or designing a responsive website that can adapt to all devices, there are also many benefits to developing a mobile app. Whilst many ecommerce business owners assume that a mobile app will be too expensive, it is worth considering the potential it has to increase customer engagement and generate higher levels of sales.


The results from the Nielsen survey are proof enough that mobile users prefer mobile apps. With this in mind, it only seems sensible that you cater for your customers’ needs by providing them with a mobile app version of your ecommerce store.  An ecommerce mobile app will allow them to make their purchases quickly and easily, whether they are in the comfort of their own house or on the go.


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