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A Complete Guide to Virtual Desktops for Business


A major issue for modern businesses is trying to keep up with the constant increasing prices of desktop computer upgrades. Many businesses cannot afford these regular upgrades and have a found a new solution. Virtual desktops which can run server hardware, application software and operating systems inside a virtual machine are the solution to this issue. The reason that virtual desktops are such a good solution is that they allow employees to access their work from devices all over the world. You can assign a user permission to access the virtual desktop and provided they have a connection to the internet this can be done anywhere. This article will discuss how a virtual desktop can be used in business.


Allows your business to be flexible:

With the modern technology at our disposal work can now be done on far more devices than just a desktop or laptop computer. If a business uses a virtual desktop then this will allow employees to work on a wide range of devices such as desktop computers, laptops, tablets and even smartphones. By having access to work on portable devices like smartphones this can allow your employees to work on the move. Virtual desktops allow for wider flexibility in a business as it means employees do not have to be in the office to do all their work.

Data will no longer have to be stored locally.

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Less expensive:

A virtual desktop solution can help your business reduce its costs greatly. With virtual desktops there is far less of a need for desktop management and support. Virtual desktops remove the need for the massive cost of buying expensive equipment and software that would eventually need upgrading anyway. Also hardware and software has to be maintained properly to work. Virtual desktop maintenance can be done by your provider saving you a lot of hassle and time.


A greener way to work:

Businesses that do their part to help the environment are respected so it is important your business is seen as doing their fair share to help our planet. As said previously virtual desktops allow for much more versatility in your workforce. You can use virtual desktops to decrease the need for all employees to be working in a central office. This means employees will not have to travel to work and pollute the air with their vehicles. Also by not having to maintain more expensive equipment and having a smaller office space you will save on electricity bills. Customers will be attracted to the fact your business is trying to be greener.



When changing how your business work you will want to ensure that it can be done with as little stress as possible. Virtual desktops offer almost identical experiences as a traditional desktop would. This means training costs will be kept to a minimum as the majority of staff will be able to adjust to the change of using virtual desktops with no help at all.

When new software updates come out and you work traditionally this will mean you have to update them all manually. Backing up your data and scanning for viruses also has to be done manually traditionally. These processes are all very time consuming. When using a virtual desktop these processes can be done all at once for every computer you use making for a far more efficient system.



One of the big differences with virtual desktops to traditional desktops is in how they save their data. A virtual desktop will save its data to a data storage centre rather than locally. This will increase security as employees will not have any sensitive information saved to their computer. When dealing with important data businesses have to meet certain requirements as part of the law. Virtual desktops can help your business in achieving this.

Virtual desktops can offer you increased security.

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Virtual desktops clearly offer a wide variety of reasons to use them. Many companies are starting to adapt to using them due to the advantages they bring to computing. Whether your business is large or small the advantages are all the same. Why not move your business to a virtual desktop software solution today and see the advantages?


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