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PicsArt – Professional Editing for Amateur Snappers

PicsArt is not a new app – it launched back in November 2011, back in the days when high-end smartphone cameras were a rarity. Slowly but surely though, as taking mobile images became as common as texting, PicsArt began attracting an army of followers, an army that is now some 120 million strong across Android, iOS and Windows Phone. And it’s nothing more than the developers deserve, because this app really is as good as it gets.

PicsArt, more than any other app, has the power to turn amateur smartphone snappers into fully-fledged photography artists – a trait that has allowed it to develop into one of the fastest growing social networks, offering a platform for users to share, learn, and compete in contents.

The biggest thing to stand out about PicsArt is the vast array of editing options at your fingertips. There is so much to immerse yourself in here that you wonder how this is a free app and not a premium one.

Along with the standard options that you expect from rival apps, it lets you correct images, as well as giving you the option of adding clip art, text, and even drawing on images. You can also make collages of images – a great feature for pictures taken at a party or on holiday.

The simple to use interface makes editing an enjoyable experience, and custom and complicated edits are much easier to play around with than most other apps. To start editing, you can take a snap from within the app or import one from your camera roll. PicsArt also lets you import images from Facebook, Flickr, Dropbox, and Picasa accounts.

Photo discovery and sharing is solid and browsing images is very pleasing. This aspect of the app, however, is not what makes it so good. That comes from the control over editing images – something that, currently, no other app can match.

PicsArt is available free from Google Play, iTunes, Windows Phone Store and the Amazon App Store.

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