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How employee monitoring software help boosts Employee Productivity

The team of perfect employees is the dream of every manager, but this is not easy like seem, because of team’s all members are not alike, some work hard while some pass time in to chat or gossip with friend in the office, so that here need to monitor his/her performance, and there is no doubts that this task is a headache while doing manually.

Managers can use technology to keep eyes on employee performance so that they can analyze who’s work is effective and whose work is not satisfactory, they can also analyze that who deserves a raise, or who need to strict notes and the Employee Monitoring Software or key logger can perform this secretly.

This is a computer program that tracks and save all activity on that computer, the advance or high quality software has ability to install in each computer using by an employee or install only on server computer, in both cases this can track and show the activities from all computers connected through network. The master can also record the activity for view or use later, thus these type software helps to company owner or manager to know what goes on in the office in his/her absence.

Why CCTV or Spy camera not a good choice

Although, the use of CCTV Cameras or Spy cameras on the workplace is in trend nowadays, but it is not a good idea, because all of staff members as well as employees are not same category, and the surveillance through cameras can hurt royal employee, they may think you are have not trust on them, and of course this can decrease not only productivity but also can rise gap between you and the employee. Don’t worry the monitor employees at Work by Work Examiner Software is the best solution.

What Monitor Employee Activity software can do?

  • Track of all PC activities
  • Block games and other apps
  • Capture emails
  • Capture & save Screenshots
  • Log not only keystrokes, but also IM and chat messages also.

There is another more Business Risks for Employers and if you have prepared then you know how to avoid them and the Worker Monitoring makes able you know the situation.

Block the particular sites or keyword also the big advantage, the result of a survey conducted by an independent agency can open your eyes that say “approximately, 72% of the porn or nude sites visited in company, offices or workplace during work hours” and of course this is not a good sign to the office environment. The employee monitoring software also makes you able to stop it in your office.

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