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Series of Beautifully Crafted Google Now Inspired Wallpapers by Alex Pasquarella

Wallpapers are always a fast and simple way to update the look on your device. Most themes and icon packs come with a set of their very own walls that help you achieve an overall look and feel. While we all appreciate the efforts that the creators put into them, there are plenty of other wallpapers out there to help quench your thirst of awesomeness. Earlier this evening Alex Pasquarella shared a series of walls inspired by Google Now. We know how much you all love Google Now walls and icons and things. We really could help but bring the 16 wallpapers to the attention of our readers.

Rochester NY Google Now Inspired WallsAlex has based the scenes off four different locales. You have the basic Rocky Mountains and Tahoe variety plus a set for Rochester, NY and a Canyon setup. Along with the four locales, he has 4 different times of the day, dawn/morning, dusk/evening, day, night. Each is crafted in a 1920 x 1080 resolution, so they are perfect for your laptop, Chromebook, or Desktop. They look great on tablets and phones too, you just might not get the whole image effect on the smaller screens. The walls look great with the Google Now Icons.

GOogle Now Tahoe WallpaperAs I stated before, there are 16 in all with 4 different times of day to each. You can look at them all at Alex Pasquarella’s blog where he has them up for individual download along with a ZIP containing them all. He plans to bring some 4K version to light and some panorama versions for those with multiple monitors. Enjoy, have a great weekend and be sure to circle him.

Via Alex Pasquarella’s G+


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