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ccGenie Review

If you are anything like me, you will both like and loathe email. You like it because it’s a must have communication tool and as big a part of your day as coffee, but you loathe it for how messy, unstructured and downright confusing it can be to use at times.

As a project manager (albeit for a small company), my work inbox is probably a much messier place to work than most peoples’ are. However, I believe that I have found a tool that will work for anyone that receives emails from a group of people related to the same project: ccGenie.

A friend that already uses the service recommended me ccGenie and, while it did seem like he was being rather biased in selling the concept to me, I decided to give it a go anyway – and I’m glad I did.

What Is It?

ccGenie is billed as a service that “makes your email work”. Basically, it takes all of the emails that are cluttering your inbox and organizes them so that they are easier to access, read, and share.

The concept is one that takes file sharing and combines it will email and a hint of social media to provide a single cloud-based platform for keeping email conversations, attachments, content, links, and contacts neat and tidy.

Why Is It Good?

I’m writing purely from a project management perspective here, but ccGenie is great for helping me collaborate with several different teams at once on an order. The tool is compatible with various file-sharing services and is fully accessible to anyone, regardless of location or device. This is obviously great for when I’m out of the office, as I can still access messages and contribute to a conversation on my smartphone.

All of the information is kept in context by ccGenie, which automatically places it into “rooms” based on what it is – documents, conversations, people, etc. This aspect of the service is what I love most and I’m guessing it would work great for personal use too, maybe if you were planning a party or something.

Do You Have To Pay?

Now here is the really great thing about ccGenie – it’s free! Signing up for an account couldn’t be any simpler; I got started by using my Google+ account, but there options to use LinkedIn credentials and email – both of which are probably just as easy.

If you’re like me and use Dropbox, Gmail, Outlook, or any similar services on a daily basis, and are fed up with an unmanageable inbox, I suggest that you give ccGenie a try. I love it and I’m sure you will too.

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