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Protect your Computer against a Virus Attack! It Involves no Trouble

Every computer with access to the web runs the risk of being attacked by certain malicious objects like virus, Trojans, suspicious software, phishing URL etc. The only savior against all such threats is the anti-virus software. However, with the rising competition in the market, the choices have also increased. It is not always easy to select the best antivirus out of the lot. Thus, a researched and detailed review on the best possible choices serves as a good guide.

Protect your Computer against a Virus Attack! It Involves no TroubleRead Choose Download! The Process is Simple

Here are the antivirus reviews mentioned in the following so that you can have your best pick.

Kaspersky antivirus – It is one of the largest antivirus companies spreading across 30 countries. This software provides all time protection, even if the update is not done, one can scan and examine the device and check if it is completely secured. It protects the documents, media, digital identity, operating system, files and other applications. Online security is another feature, which protects during online activity, web browsing, banking, online shopping, emailing etc. it comes with a vulnerability scan, rescue disk and privacy cleaner. Thus, the computer is configured and restored. It blocks any dangerous website. When the license expires, it can be purchased online at a reasonable rate of 59.95$.

Bitdefender antivirus – It was the 2013 antivirus of the year. It protects against all malicious threats in an ‘autopilot’ fashion instead of featuring a pop-up dialogue box. It also has a laptop and gaming mode and restores during any emergency. Protection against spyware is consistent as it warns if any link or attachment is suspicious and prevents its spread via mails. Scanning technology is advanced and it starts automatically whenever the computer is turned on. Yet it does not slow down the processor nor interrupts the user. All these multiple features are available at a minimum rate of around 39.95$.

McAfee antivirus – It comes with free support and a 30days money back scheme. This software focuses on efficient system working by maintaining a routine scanning process. All the loopholes and defects are identified, and can be immediately fixed as well. It also comes with a malicious Ad protection feature. The software has been upgraded to support the advancing technology. It is user friendly and is best suited for touch sensitive devices. With its quality security information it provides sophisticated protection for all data and applications at just 44.99$ approx.

Norton antivirus – Apart from resisting all spyware and viruses, it provides a ‘5 patented layered’ protection and works on a cloud based program. Its parent company Symantec was established much before PCs were easily accessible by the public. Now it has updated its system and comes with a ‘Multi-device Protection’ capability, a ‘safe web’ and ‘safe search’ option. All unsafe contents are blocked right away. Norton is a guardian against all cyber crimes. It keeps check on your social networking sites too and protects all valid information. Experience the web trouble free with Norton without burning your pocket at a reasonable rate of 49.99$.

AVG AntiVirus – Launched in Slovakia this is an internationally reputed software company now. The software protects the hard drive and all valid information from being stolen. Update can be done online. It also comes with ‘file shedder’ ‘online shield’ and ‘link protection’. This is one of the most modern innovations in computer software, which can be availed by the public at just 39.99$. The customer service of AVG is also the best.

Thus, following an antivirus reviews is always useful. One just has to keep away prejudices and buy any of these antivirus online when required. It is the best and most defensive support for any device.

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