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An online garage sale for CDs DVDs and Games

Ever heard the saying that one man’s garbage is other man’s gold. Well at some point of time everything that we own usually becomes nothing but hassle for us to keep or store. Every person enjoys some movies only to a point after which he probably either throws is away or passes it to someone else. Well till now people used to make space in their house either by throwing away their stuff in the garbage, or passing it to someone else who might be able to use it or enjoy it, or once in a while hold a garage sale for things that they no longer find any use for. But what if now you can do all this for your old DVD’s and Cd’s and old games. Wouldn’t you be interested in making some extra space in your house by making money on things which is doing nothing but collecting dirt in your house? Well now there is a way to get all of this with very little hassle.

What is Decluttr?

Well now there is a website called Decluttr.com. Decluttr have gotten such great response from people that now people who are using their service don’t say “I have sold my DVDs, CDs and games” anymore and instead are starting to say “I have decluttered my things” instead. It has now become a great now to get rid of all those old music CDs and DVDs and those really old dozens of times played games for some reasonable exchange of money, and who doesn’t like to get some like extra cash in their pocket especially for the things you were just about to throw out anyways.

How to use

Decluttr is very easy to use and it has no hassle of you spending too much time energy or money. It is actually a very simple process. Firstly what you have to do is go on their website. Once you reach the website there is a bar where you can enter the bar code which is present on the item that you want to ‘Decluttr’. As soon as you will enter this code automatically it will send you an instant value on that product you want to sell. Once you decide on selling all you have to do is ship it to them for free using the free shipping label that they will provide for you. Once they finally do receive your items they will then send you a check with your name on it.


See it is a fast world people move on from things to things from places to places. Hence with time sometimes they end up with lot of junk which is of no use to them anymore. So that person then is left with the choice of either still carrying it with them and let it have space in their house for no reason and collect dirt or to get rid of it. And if you are planning on getting rid of some really old and used CDs DVDs or game, then why not make money out of it by using the service of decluttr.

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