Nexus 8 May Hit Production in July or August [Rumor]



Rumors about a Nexus 8 tablet have been circulating around for a few months now, and now it looks like we might actually see this new tablet this Summer. According to IHS Technology, the 8.9 tablet is set for production this July or August. Here is the real kicker: HTC might be making this Nexus 8 tablet. How long have I been begging for an HTC Nexus device to come back to us? They even stated that this tablet will not be budget friendly, because they are shooting for the stars in specs. Who strives for great hardware? HTC. I am really liking that idea, and I am hoping this is not a bunch of silly rumors.

There was also mention about another Nexus 7 tablet being produced this year, but no details about who is making it were talked about. What do you guys think about an HTC Nexus 8 tablet? Let us know down below.

Source: CNET