You may know LastPass, the cross-platform password manager, as a safe haven for website login details and common form info. Now, as well as playing nice with Chrome for mobile devices, the latest version of LastPass for Android can fill in app login data for you, too. Once it’s updated and you’ve authorized this new feature, loading up an app with a username / password prompt will trigger a pop-up with suggested login credentials you can choose to inject. Chances are, however, you’ll need to tell LastPass which of the logins stored in your vault the mobile app wants — you can also share your selection if you’d like to help it learn common associations. Because apps are often mobile portals for services you’d load up inside a browser on your computer, it makes sense. Then again, we can’t say we sign in and out of apps enough to justify $12 per year for the premium service LastPass’ mobile apps require.

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Source: LastPass, Google Play (LastPass)