Hey, is today Wednesday? Oh, it is. Google must be pushing out a bunch of app updates. We just picked up an update for Google Keyboard that moves it version 3.0.19373. That is a whole number improvement over the previous 2.0v. The update offers up a few little tweaks to the keyboard like an “ABC” button when you are in the Emoji tab to help make it crystal clear that that is how you get back to the regular keyboard mode. Apparently the Keyboard icon wasn’t enough. Image on the left is the new keyboard.

Google Keyboard v3.0 Google Keyboard v3.0
There is also a new settings icon when you long press on the mic key.

Google Keyboard 3.0The big update comes in the form of Personalized Suggestions. When you first load up the new install you you are presented with a screen that tells you “Personalization is on. Touch for Info.” The info screen lets you know that the new Google Keyboard now uses data from your other Google suite of apps in help improve your suggestions and corrections. The data is supposedly store on your phone and not in the servers. This option is set to “On” by default, so if you aren’t a fan of it you will need to head into the keyboard settings to disable it.

Google Keyboard v3.0 Google Keyboard v3.0You can kick back and wait for the update to reach your device through the Play Store if you want. It is rolling out oin the typical staged roll out fashion. If you are impatient and want to grab it now, head over to Gappsearly and pick it up.

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