This is the digital age of ADD, people, so let’s be real about one thing: most of you probably don’t care about the disappearance of Flappy Bird anymore, nor the fact that it’s coming back. But for those of you that do still wish to tap that bird’s flapping wings once more past Nintendo-ish green pipes, there’s a ray of light ahead. Turns out, creator Dong Nguyen wants to see his mobile game return to the iOS and Android platforms that sent buckets of cash and internet vitriol his quiet way. Nguyen tweeted the news out, but didn’t indicate when Flappy Bird would return as a downloadable free-to-play game on the App Store, saying only that it wouldn’t be anytime soon. Which is even more reason to believe that when it does comeback for a second act, most of you will have moved on to some other fad or meme, or dogecoin-branded dating sim. The Horror!

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