samsung galaxy s5 wallpaperThe highly anticipated launch of the Samsung Galaxy S5 turned out to be a bust for many people who expected a slightly more inspired design and innovations from the Korean manufacturer, though many of us were absolutely enamoured with the wallpapers that we saw on their screens during the announcement. While the device has yet to be released so we can’t get at the official versions of the wallpapers, some talented designers out there have painstakingly recreated the Samsung Galaxy S5 wallpaper.

While we did feature a blue version of the wallpaper last week (see here), that was quite a bit lighter than the version we saw at MWC and wasn’t quite right. Thanks to Shimmi though, who also created the mixed colour version of the wallpaper we featured (see here), the blue wallpaper has also been recreated and looks a lot closer to the real thing. As an added bonus, Shimmi has upscaled both the blue and coloured wallpapers up to 1080p for those of you who want the Full HD versions of the; click down below to get the full-sized wallpapers:

samsung galaxy s5 wallpaper
samsung galaxy s5 wallpaper

Who’s enjoying the wallpapers from the Galaxy S5? Better yet, show us your homescreens in the comments below.

Source: DeviantArt