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The Rise And Fall Of Google Chrome – A Review

Google is acknowledged as the biggest search engine. In fact, it owns two more search engines, Google and YouTube. For quiet a sometime Google search was their bread and butter. No doubt they will strive to continue this business in the foreseeable future, but there is something more.  According to financial results (2013), their earnings were in excess of 14 billion, one would say that they are doing quite well, but Google won’t stop here and it is pretty obvious.

Google Chromebooks

In the year 2011, Google launched its new operating system Chrome OS. It was warmly accepted by many, and the other laughed at it. It’s a fact that Chromebooks didn’t fare well in their first year, and Google didn’t expect it too. In 2012, the trend continued. People didn’t believe that a laptop had to be connected to the internet to work effectively. Despite of the fact that laptops are connected to the internet on a dedicated basis. As a result of this skepticism,  Google Chromebooks accounted for just 1% of the notebook market.


Believers of Chromebooks were scorned. In the midst of this failure, something else happened like Microsoft launched Windows 8. Immediately, everyone’s attention was drawn from Chrome to Microsoft- the recent innovation. Unfortunately, Windows 8 was not heartily welcomed by the masses, and its sales lagged. In a meanwhile, Google reinvented their strategy and started offering Chromebooks on free of cost basis to both local and international students at affordable rates. No one knew exactly how Chromebooks were doing in 2013, until NPD reported that they have approximately 21% share in the notebook market. The increase in sales is stupendous and is expected to increase.

Devices (announced, not yet released) like LG all in one Chrome PC, showcases the different facets of the Operating System, and there is no doubt notebook sales will continue to rise.  According to the latest report the laptops are consuming sales of Macbooks.

Chromecast- New Leap by Google Strategists

The chromebooks were not only pieces of Chrome affiliated hardware; another thing that entered in the scene was the Chromecast. It was a surprise announced by Google Chrome head Sundar Pichai. This allowed users of Android and Ios to share the content with televisions. Google always wanted to enter into a living room, and this innovation made it to do so. Needless to say, it also entered into hearts of individual.

The speculation is rife that in December this year, several new apps will be added in Chromecast line up. Further, Google promised to build their way at times to come.  Now, Google wants to enter in new domain-television. We are all keen to see what benefits are in store for consumers.

If anyone didn’t know about the Chrome operating system or was unable to recognize the name of Chrome before 2013, then they probably know it now. This year has proven to be a good year for Google camp, and it is speculated that they will strive to do so in future also.

In a nutshell, technology market has undergone a paradigm shift and Google has been part of it.

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