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How To Keep Your Company Secure In The Digital World

There are a number of aspects that go into any modern business security process.  It’s important to make sure that as well as using door staff to keep the staff and premises in place, proper digital security is put in place to keep networks safe. Digital security like this:

Using firewalls

Almost every modern attacker’s first step is to try and find weak points and vulnerabilities in the network.  Ports are the mechanisms that a business network uses to connect to the web, and they can be exploited. A firewall will enable a company to block of those trying to access the ports from an external source.  There are a number of free firewall services available, though any larger company should probably take a look at adopting a more professional approach.

Make use of different passwords

This tactic is both basic and easy to implement, and yet it’s amazing just how many companies still don’t implement it.  It’s vital that a company ensures that all the passwords used by those accessing it’s network are strong and unique.  It’s almost astonishing just how many people still use terms like ‘password’ and ‘12345’ as their own codes, simply because they’re easy to remember.  Needless to say, there’s simply no excuse for anyone to be doing this in 2014!

Use anti-virus software

Again, this is a well-known security tactic, but one that several companies still doesn’t take the time to implement effectively.  Absolutely every single computer that’s attached to the company network needs to have a full anti-virus and anti-breach software suite in place.  Fortunately, installing this software is quite easy, as it can be found for free across the web: software such as Avast! And AVG can be found for absolutely no cost, which makes it bizarre that some firms still don’t take the time to install it!

Update everything

It’s an unfortunate fact that those responsible for hacking and viruses continually evolve their tactics to try and get the upper-hand over those they’re attacking.  Fortunately, anti-virus suites (including the free ones mentioned above) continually also update themselves to deal with the latest threats.  It’s down to the user, though, to make sure that these updates are carried out.  If they aren’t, then the systems and networks that the business runs will all be at risk, with no exceptions.  One computer on a network being affected means that others can swiftly be dragged into the mire.

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