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Hour of Code campaign teaches programming in 30,000 US schools (video)

Hour of Code intro

Code.org wants to make computer science a staple of the classroom, and it’s taking a big step toward that goal today with the launch of its Hour of Code campaign. More than 30,000 US schools (35,000 worldwide) will devote at least one hour this week to teaching programming, with incentives in store for everyone involved. Students who take an online follow-up course can win gift cards and Skype credits, while schools and teachers can win everything from 10GB of Dropbox space to a class-sized computer set. The initiative has plenty of outside support, as well. Apple and Microsoft are holding Hour of Code workshops in their US retail stores, while politicians on all sides (including President Barack Obama and Republican House Majority Leader Eric Cantor) are endorsing the concept. You don’t even need to be a student to participate — Code.org is making its tutorials available to just about anyone with a modern web browser or smartphone. Whether you’re curious about what kids are learning or want to write some code yourself, you’ll find everything you need at the source links.

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Via: Wall Street Journal, The Verge

Source: Computer Science Education Week, Code.org (Tumblr)

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