Galaxy Round, LG G Flex, those are just the two devices that have that curved display. Do not get it confused with the word flexible, like a lot of people out there tend to do. Those displays are still rigid and cannot flex whatsoever. Samsung does, however, want to get us more excited about the idea of flexible displays, by showing us their Foldiplay concept.


Samsung released some images to their site, showing us where they intend to take the way we will use our devices. From fold out cameras, to folding out an eBook, it all looks like what we have seen in the movies in the past decade.

If that was not enough for you, Samsung also would like to change they way classroom desks are looking. Let’s face it, desks have not changed at all, and Samsung wants to completely change the classroom experience with a 3D flexible display that can easily be utilized, and teachers will display current topics their students will need to learn. We probably will not see any of these displays for a few more years, but it is nice to get a detailed idea of where they want to take them. Check out all the images and let us know what you think about them.


Source: Android Headlines