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You, too, can be internet famous – but do you want that? – Talk Mobile

More than anything in the past, the internet offers the opportunity to rocket your notoriety into the stratosphere overnight. News used to run in a daily cycle, with the morning newspaper, maybe an afternoon edition, and the evening news.

Today the news runs in an unending unstopping cycle, augmented, supplemented, and in large part supplanted by social networking and media. What you do that ends up online can bring instant and overnight fame – and that might not be a good thing

So just how famous can you be on the internet, can your fame transcend this world of fiber, silicon, and electrons? Can your photos bring you fame in the same manner as your words, or will it just be the photos themselves that achieve fame? Is it possible to leverage that fame into income, or are you destined to be burdened with your profitless notoriety?

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