Saturday, July 20, 2024

Watch Snapdragon Create a Photo Booth with 130 HTC Ones [Bullet Time]



The bullet time effect in movies was made famous of course from The Matrix back in 1999, and Snapdragon wanted to utilize that method to create the ultimate photo booth. Bust out those black trench coats.

The company wanted to display how great their Qualcomm’s SoCs are, and they did so in a not so subtle manner. They rigged up 130 HTC Ones with a custom app to allow the phones to take pictures at the right time, circling 540 degrees around  the person or persons, and there you go. You can now dodge bullets.

Snapdragon will be taking their new photo booth out on tour, and if you want to get a picture of yourself acting as Keanu Reeves, you can head over to vote on Qualcomm’s poll to bring the photo booth to your city. You have until January 31st to do so, so get on it. Check out the booth in action in the video below that was recently at Venice Beach. Let us know what you think.

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