Thursday, July 25, 2024

[Themer’s Roundup] Coogle Theme, Minimal Moxie, and Banx Icons


Coogle Zooper Theme

Ready for another Roundup? Great! This week’s first theme is Coogle Zooper Theme. Utilizing Google’s card UI style, and pop up widgets modeled after the new Chrome Apps shortcut that was recently released to desktop, Coogle was featured as MyColorScreen’s Screen of the Day just yesterday, and I’m hoping and praying that it will be released to the Themer app soon. All of the usual info is presented to you – missed calls and texts, new emails, time, weather, date, and your next alarms. There are 11 app shortcuts, 2 different style clocks with weather status and temperature, 1 music widget, 1 pop up widget, and an RSS feed widget included. The developer, AXT, recently released a dark version of the theme, with orange accents, which is equally as sleek, but without all of the battery drain that the classic white entails. $1.55 is all it costs for this one. However, Zooper Widget Pro, Media Utilities and Popup Widget are all required. This theme has also only been tested and confirmed on the Nexus 4 and Nexus 7. Some resizing will most likely be required on other devices, so unless you’re experienced in doing so, this may not be the best theme for you.

Okay by Rabrot

Okay is a very unique theme that caught my eye, and it’s for that reason I felt inclined to share it with you. This is a Google Glass styled theme that is purely landscape based. Lockscreen, clock, weather and music widgets are all there, per the norm, but there is a fifth screen which features some of the voice commands that Glass uses, such as, “send a message”, “check mail”, or “take photo”. One user pointed out that Okay would make an excellent Daydream application, which I readily agree with. Zooper Widget Pro and WidgetLocker are both needed, but the files can be found for free in the theme description, here.

Minimal Moxie Widget

Minimal Moxie is, as the name suggests, as minimal as it gets. Composed of the date, time and temperature, all tied together with the day of the week in an elegant script, the only other addition are three small dots that gradually change in transparency. These are simple, yet powerful, dots, however. Each one is a customizable hot spot, which helps give you quick access to applications, without the potentially jarring impact of icons on an otherwise beautiful home screen. Minimal Moxie is a $.99 install for use with UCCW.

Banx Icon Pack

Banx has one of the most unique set ups I’ve seen in a long time, despite being a mere icon pack, and it’s what caused me to fall in love. Over 800 icons with 12 included wallpapers, it sure doesn’t skimp on icon selection. Also, upon opening the app, a screen of icons appears, which slowly blink in and out, cycling through all icons and wallpapers that are available. A slideout menu contains said wallpapers, contact info, and an icon request form. Applying the theme is a one step process. The icons themselves are predominantly flat, but maintain just a hint of 3D via shadowing that makes them fresh and unique. Banx is available for $1.49 on the Play Store.

Tela Icons

Tela Icons stand out from the rest, in the best way, with a bordered stitch/quilt-like design. There aren’t many icons as of yet, with just under 300, but the measly $.99 purchase is worth it just for the look of these, plus icon masking is available and 4 wallpapers are also thrown in.

As always, let us know what you think of the themes, widgets and icons featured in this week’s Themer’s Roundup, download links can be found below, and suggestions for next week are welcome. Enjoy!

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Coogle Zooper Theme | AXT | $1.55

Okay | Rabrot | Free


Minimal Moxie | mapexonly | $.99


Banx | Pure Designs | $1.49

Tela Icons | Kevin3328 | $.99


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