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[Themer’s Roundup] Beyond the Modernism Theme, Small Info, and Colourant Icons


Beyond the Modernism

Friday means it’s time to set your phone up to shine through the weekend. Let’s get to it. Beyond the Modernism is a theme with a familiar look, with it’s Cards UI based structure, with hints of Windows thrown in for good measure. However, this is the best implementation of such a setup that I’ve seen. Beyond consists of 5 screens. The home screen shows date, time, weather, missed calls, and unread texts and Gmail. You’ll also have quick access to your gallery, Google search in the top right corner, and the Maps app. The Apps screen will contain your folders, favorite apps, and also a section for commonly contacted people. A dedicated Google+ screen has a handy widget for checking notifications, and a music screen follows that, with a large widget for album art. The System screen has toggles for your most used settings, like Wifi, GPS, and Bluetooth, and also features a Gmail widget, which I find a bit redundant, but that other’s would likely find useful. Probably my favorite touch of all, when you navigate to a page other than the home screen, icons will appear in the lower right hand corner for the camera, phone and SMS, so that you always have quick access. Beyond the Modernism is a Buzz Launcher theme, and the files needed can be downloaded here.

Jhonny Tema White Leather

Need a snazzy home screen to match your new Note 3? White Leather by Jhonny Tema might just be your match made in heaven. This is a fairly basic setup, with only one screen that displays time and weather. A simple battery widget can also be found at the very bottom. There are icons for phone, SMS, camera and the browser. That pretty much wraps things up for this one. What makes it shine is the very well done leather, stitching, and shadowing. UCCW is necessary to set this screen up, and it can be found on MyColorScreen, here.

Small Info UCCW

Small Info is a pretty straightforward widget. A small square displays your missed calls, SMS, Gmail and next alarm. However, the developer took it a step further, and made it much more functional and efficient. By tapping on the icons on the left, you are defautly taken to the app in question, which may not seem all that different from what others offer. However, hotspots are customizable, and the actual number of missed notifications can also be assigned a hotspot. This enables you to, for example, have the Gmail missed count open up to your Inbox, while tapping on just the icon will launch you right into composing a new email. All text and icon colors can be changed as well, making it very easy to customize and match it to your current theme. Small Info requires UCCW version 2.1.2 or higher to function, and is available as a free download on the Play Store.

Circles Minimal UCCW

Circles Minimal features a nice 3D effect that really makes this widget stand out. To the left, the date is shown in a unique wheel setup, and current temperature and conditions can be found to the right. An analog clock is front and center, surrounded by a blue battery indicator. Hotspots adorn all three, and can be customized to launch your app of preference. Colors can also be tweaked, though I personally think it looks excellent as it is. Circles Minimal if a free download, and requires UCCW to operate.

Colourant Icon Pack
Colourant Widget for Zooper

Colourant Icon Pack is bright, vivid, and colorful, with an attention to detail that I greatly appreciate. Shadowing and a folded corner that changes position by icon, makes them unique and eye-catching. Colourant includes 36 HD wallpapers, 18 of which are either white or black, with the majority of those 18 being subtly patterned. These icons practically pop on the included black backgrounds, and they’re a welcome addition to the app. There are currently over 650 icons, and 40 icon backs have been included for those apps not yet available, so that your theme is consistent. Colourant supports Go, Apex, Nova, Action Pro, Holo and ADW launchers. The developer has also made a matching widget theme, Colourant for Zooper Widget, which includes the following:

– Digital Clock (12h)
– Calendar with Date and Day
– Weather with matching icons and conditions
– Battery which shows time remaining for discharge
– Missed Calls Counter
– Messages Counter
– Gmail Counter
– Google Voice Search

Colourant Icon Pack will run you $1.49, and the matching Zooper widget is free.

Anything in this week’s article strike your fancy? Any suggestions? Hit us up below! Links for all of the widgets, icons and themes can be found below.

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Beyond the Modernism | Andrea | Free

White Leather | Jhonny Tema/JhonnyNS | Free


Small Info | Bryan Sinclair | Free

Circles Minimal | nb81 | Free

Colourant for Zooper Widget | GSeth | Free


Colourant Icon Pack | GSeth | $1.49

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