Sunday, July 21, 2024

Microsoft tries to clarify Windows 8 app support on Xbox One


Dell’s been claiming that all your top Windows 8 apps could run on and be synced with the incoming Xbox One — but Microsoft’s saying that’s not exactly how it is. According to AllThingsD, and echoed by the spokespeople we’ve contacted, not all Windows 8 apps will run on Xbox One. Does that mean that some of the apps will be compatible between the two? It could depend on what Dell judges to be “your favorite Windows 8 apps” and MS isn’t saying outright that no apps will work cross-platform. Similarities between Microsoft’s PC OS and the one found on its next-gen console should in principal, make universal apps something easier to accomplish. Microsoft told us that it is “committed to making it easier for developers to bring an app from one platform to another,” but added that right now, it had nothing more to share when it came to apps on Xbox One. Only a month to go.

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Via: AllThingsD

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