Saturday, July 13, 2024

Google is already working on a successor to Google Glass


This revelation should come as no surprise to anyone: Google is already in the process of developing a Google Glass successor. What that is, is anyone’s guess.

The reports come from a talk Mary Lou Jepsen gave at MIT’s EmTech conference last week. Quartz originally reported Jepsen’s comments pointed towards work on a successor to Google Glass as the reason Jepsen and her team are only getting three hours of sleep a night.

As this post on Technology Review points out several times, Jepsen declined to comment on what exactly it was her and her team are working on.

Could it be a second, much improved version of the currently unreleased Glass? Or how about the mythical Google Now watch we have heard so much about recently? No one really knows at this point outside of Jepsen’s team.

Google is hard at work on more than one wearable product, this much is clear from the comments Jepsen made. This shouldn’t be a shock, or big news, really. A company as large as Google can’t sit still, waiting for Glass to be released so it can monitor consumer reaction and then decide what to make next. Creating a product everyone will use and love takes time.

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