Saturday, July 13, 2024

Customization, colors, and accessories: making the smartphone fashionable – Talk Mobile


For all the time we’ve spent in Talk Mobile talking about specs, services, carriers, and usage, we haven’t spent much time on what these devices look like. Sure, they’re mostly glass slabs with white or black framing (with a few exceptions), but beyond that glass, what else is there?

With unit sales moving well past the millions monthly, with people willing to line up overnight to be among the first to own a device, has fashion become a defining characteristic of a smartphone? Is consumer fever over devices like the new gold-colored iPhone 5s just a fluke, or part of a larger trend?

So just how important is fashion with your smartphone? Is it better to be able to customize the software or the hardware? Are our smartphones to be accessorized, or are they already accessories themselves, primed to be swapped out to match your shoes or your shirt?

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