Friday, July 19, 2024

Alpha: Test the bleeding edge features of Facebook for Android


Forget that beta stuff… you want bleeding edge? You need that alpha. Facebook now allows for an alpha version of its Android application which provides a totally different user experience than the official client.

If you’re the kind of user who doesn’t mind bugs and glitches then you might be interested in checking out the alpha client. Note that features are likely to show up one day and disappear the next and that stability and performance could be less than desired.

Alpha is not for the faint of heart — features will come and go, crashes will be introduced and fixed, and designs may go through many iterations. Because we are continually testing and experimenting on alpha, the Facebook for Android app that alpha users test will look and behave differently than what ultimately gets shipped in a general release.

We (and Facebook) are counting on you to provide feedback and help shape the future of Facebook on Android. The beta app has already eclipsed 1 million daily active users and Facebook has received over 1,000 direct pieces of feedback from participants. Suggesting feature requests, reporting bugs, and having a degree of patience is an almost requisite for playing along.

How to sign up?

Want to get involved in the Facebook Alpha experience for Android? Follow these simple steps.

  1. Join the Facebook for Android Alpha Testers Google group
  2. Allow alpha downloads by clicking “Become a Tester” in the Play Store (you need to join the Google Group before becoming a tester)
  3. Download Facebook from the Play Store to update your app
  4. Turn on automatic updates–we’ll be updating alpha multiple times per week
  5. Report problems and give us feedback by using the “Report a Problem” menu item

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