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Top 5 Android Apps For Breaking Bad Fans

breaking badThe finale to Breaking Bad is nigh, capping off 5 critically-acclaimed seasons of drug-fueled TV drama. While I’m sure most of you who watch it don’t want the show to end, we think we should be celebrating the achievements of Walter White and his serialized life, which so many of us have come to love. And to do this, we’ve rounded up the Top 5 Android Apps for Breaking Bad fans.


breaking badFirst cab off the rank is BaldBooth, an app that makes you bald. Arguably one of the most recognizable icons of Breaking Bad is Walter White’s (Bryan Cranston’s) bald head, so why not join in and see what you look like bald.

I’ve given it a try already and it’s pretty good given the right angle and lighting. Can’t say the same about how I look bald…

breaking bad

Application: BaldBooth

Play Store Link

Price: Free


Breaking Bad Soundboard Plus

breaking badDon’t let the name fool you: this nifty little app is not only contains soundbites from Breaking Bad; it also contains HD wallpapers for you to spruce up your Android device with your favourite  wallpaper.

As you’d expect, the soundbites can also be saved as your ringtone or notification sound, so have at it!

Application: Breaking Bad Soundboard Plus

Play Store Link

Price: Free


Breaking Bad Game

breaking badNext, we have an offering from broadcaster AMC itself, a Breaking Bad spin-off interactive graphic novel featuring none other than Jesse Pinkman. Subtitled “The Cost Of Doing Business”, you assume the role of Jesse and do all the lovely drug-related things you’ve come to expect from something with a Breaking Bad theme.

The game has mixed, but mostly good reviews at this point in time, so if you give it a shot, let us know how you find it. Note: Unfortunately for our international readers, it appears to be only available on Google Play from the States, but of course, there are other ways to get your hands on it if you really want to play…

Application: Breaking Bad Game

Play Store Link

Price: Free


Chem Pro: Chemistry Tutor

breaking badWhile all the killing and the drugs makes for very exciting television, don’t forget that Walter White started out as a chemistry teacher, so let’s take a moment to brush up on our chemistry skills with Chem Pro: Chemistry Tutor.

It has at least 31 hours of tutorials and lessons for you to become a Chemistry pro, though once you have those skills, you might not want to go down the same path as Walt did…

Application: Chem Pro: Chemistry Tutor

Play Store Link

Price: Free


Breaking Bad Nyan Cat 8bit LWP

breaking badDefinitely the silliest entry on this list; Breaking Bad Nyan Cat 8bit LWP is a live wallpaper app featuring ol’ Walt in the Nyan Cat style. Don’t know what Nyan Cat is? Click here to find out.

The live wallpaper was created by comedian, Paul Scheer, and when you see Walt streaming across your screen with those wonderful colours behind him, you might wonder why the hell you have this on your device.

Application: Breaking Bad Nyan Cat 8bit LWP

Play Store Link

Price: Free


BONUS: Breaking Bad: The Untold History of Television

breaking badIf you made it this far into the article, clearly you’re a huge Breaking Bad fan, so why not round out your fan knowledge with Breaking Bad: The Untold History of Television, a book that delves into the “inception and development of the series, thought-provoking episode analysis, and on-the-set stories about the cast and crew”.

Book: Breaking Bad: The Untold History of Television

Play Store Link

Price: $2.99


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