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Home News The mid-ranged-ish Motorola DROID 5 shows up Again

The mid-ranged-ish Motorola DROID 5 shows up Again

While most of us drool over the thought of the next Nexus, Galaxy S5, Xperia Honami or whatever the next BIG thing is going to be in the flagship line from our manufacturers, there are still plenty of other devices popping up that should at least be talked about. The Motorola DROID 5 falls into that category. While it won’t be a game changer or out sell Samsung, it does keep an attribute that some people can’t live without, a slide out QWERTY keyboard. I know I miss mine from the G1 on occasion.

Motorola DROID 5 VerizonAnother round of images accompanied by some specs have made their way to the wonderful world-wide web. The depict the latest mid-ranged slide out QWERTY with all the glory of those old school hidden keyboards. It is sitting next to a Sprint Photon Q (on the left and DROID 5 on the right) for a better visual of its size. The latest round also comes packed with some specs. THe source claims the DROID 5 sports a 4.3-inch 720p display, a Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 dual-core processor with an Adreno 255 GOU, 1GB or RAM and 16GB onboard storage. Moto is keeping a micro SD slot on this guys along with wireless charging abilities and some NFC action.

Motorola DROID 5 Verizon logosIs Motorola really going to be launching this at some point, or was it already scrapped and just now making an appearance. It is a good way to watch the worlds reactions to such a device. It isn’t to hard to think that they will put it out and keep at an affordable price tag for pre-paid or free with a contract to get the younger, keyboard needing kids, in the game a little. Seeing the Verizon logo though only makes me think $199 with contract.

Let us know if you think this is a yay or nay.

Via Droid-Life


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