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The Moto X Announced Today Won’t Be Available Away From The Americas, But A Cheaper One Might Be

moto xToday was a big day: the most anticipated (and leaked) smartphone for the last year, the Moto X, was finally officially announced. If you want to check out our coverage of the announcement this morning, you can check it out here, but there has been a lot of mixed feelings about the phone so far; some think it’s too underpowered, some think it’s gesture features are great. We’ll have to see what the masses say once the phone is actually released (no official dates yet), but it seems like for now, the masses that will be able to get their hands on the Moto X will only be in the Americas. That’s right, America, Canada and Latin America only. Bugger.

This isn’t really a surprise, however, as Motorola has on many occassions said they were proud to be manufacturing the phone in America, but this new union of Motorola and Google needs to find its feet in the market first. And where better to do that than on the home field. Obviously it’s a shame that the market away from the Americas won’t get a taste of the Moto X, however Motorola still have a few things up its sleeve, maybe for the rest of us too.

Motorola CEO, Dennis Woodside, has gone on the record in an interview saying that there is a less expensive version of the Moto X coming soon, saying that the cheap smartphone market is “subpar” and that Motorola wants “everyone to have access to affordable smartphones”. Can’t argue with that. This cheaper Moto X would target international markets and other areas of the market which don’t subsidize the cost of the phone.

How does everyone feel about the Moto X? And who’s a bit sad that they’re missing out on the Moto X because they aren’t in the Americas? I know I am.

Source: CNET via Android Police

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