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Samsung Patents Found: Could These Be Designs For The Galaxy S5?

galaxy s5One this that is essentially a foregone conclusion in the smartphone world is that Samsung will be coming out with a successor to its hugely successful flagship, the Galaxy S4 sometime next year. We expect this device to be called the Galaxy S5 and unfortunately we’ve heard very few rumours about it, probably because we’re too busy with news about the Moto X and Sony Honami these days.

Patent Bolt, however, has found a design patent that was lodged in September 2011 in Korea and February 2012 in the US, and we can’t help but wonder if this might just be the design patent for the Galaxy S5. There have been rumours that the next Galaxy phone will be made of metal, which would address the sticking point for some Android fans, and this design patent, while not outright defining a material, does look suited to a metallic body.

I do have a few qualms with this patent, first of which should be the elephant in the room: this patent might not even pertain to the Galaxy S5, though it would be unusual for Samsung to patent an original smartphone design for something other than its flagship. The other thing that bugs me are the 4 soft keys at the bottom of the screen. While this is only a patent diagram which may not actually define what is at the base of the phone, I really can’t see Samsung ever moving away from its single mechanical home button with two soft keys configuration which is now integral to its user experience.

However, this is all pure conjecture: do you think this is actually what the Samsung Galaxy S5 will look like? Or do you think its for another line of Samsung phones? Have a look at the full design diagram below and let us know what you think.

Source: CNET UK via Patent Bolt

galaxy s5

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