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[RUMOUR] Samsung GEAR and Galaxy Note 3 To Be Announced On September 4

samsungBlog of Mobile apparently has it on good authority that Samsung will be announcing two devices on the 4th of September, which also happens to mark the beginning of IFA 2013. Which two devices, you ask? It’s likely to be the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and the Samsung GEAR, both which we’ve heard would be announced in September before and the Note 3 has been said to be announced at IFA numerous times.

The Note 3 has had some conflicting rumours of late, some claiming the phablet would be coming in multiple size variants, much like the Galaxy Mega phones, as well as a long list of suspected hardware specs. The GEAR on the other hand hasn’t had too much leaked about it, but as it’s a Samsung device, we can expect it to be packed full of features, which for a smartwatch is so far proving rare.

Regardless of what is going to be announced, we’re eagerly anticipating seeing these devices a bit more, particularly what they’re made of and what they’ll be able to do. Who’s been waiting for either of these devices to be announced? Looks like the wait won’t be much longer now.

Source: Blog of Mobile via Android Community

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