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[Review] Cabstone Soundbar Mini Speaker

cabstone soundbar mini speaker Do you ever get the feeling that iDevice owners get access to way too much good audio gear?  I always did, so in my search for a decent, small, and portable speaker, I stumbled across the Cabstone soundbar mini speaker.

Sporting a nice clean look and some beautiful curves, the Cabstone soundbar mini speaker is a simple little device that rocks the heavens with sweet tunes, and plays with any device.

The Cabstone soundbar connects to any device with a 3.5mm headphone jack, and comes with an adapter to connect to 2.5mm headphone jacks too, and a USB port with Plug&Play support for using with your PC, so this speaker really is an all-rounder.  The Cabstone is also truly portable, weighing in at only 350 grams, this speaker won’t weigh you down on your travels.

Performance wise, for a 12W (2 x 6W) speaker the Cabstone soundbar mini speaker has some oomph.  While enjoying a BBQ, I could easily drown out the neighbours full size sound system with this little speaker, the built in sub-woofer doing a fantastic job of keeping the bass going without sounding like a boy-racers cheap car system.  The Cabstone took everything I could throw at, using the same playlist I used to test the Plantronics Backbeat Go headphones for variety, the Cabstone held up well.

Controls are simple enough, three buttons on top of the unit.  Power On/Off in the middle, Volume Down on the left, Volume Up on the right.

Battery power is supplied by 4 AAA batteries, which you can get anywhere, and pretty cheaply too.  Using the set that came with the Cabstone (yes, batteries are included!), I got close to 8 hours of playback, which is pretty impressive to my mind.

Given the portability, connectivity options, sleek looks and sheer power, the Cabstone Soundbar makes for a impressive little speaker.  A simple, clean design, and simpler operation makes this speaker quick and easy to start blasting some tunes.

The Cabstone Soundbar is available for £26.60 in Europe.

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