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Moto X Apps Surface Before Phone Event


We are just hours away from the Moto X event in New York (that is not going to be streamed apparently) and it looks like Motorola is getting antsy. If you make your way into the Chrome Extension Store, you will find Motorola Connect.This extension gives you the ability to connect your Moto X Phone to your browser so you can see incoming calls and text messages right from your desktop. We have seen other apps that have a similar ability, but it is nice that Moto has decided to personally make a nifty Chrome extension for die hard Android and Chrome users.

Another app that you will find in the Play Store, is an app called Motorola Migrate, which we have already mentioned in a previous article. This is similar to an app used by HTC called the HTC Transfer Tool. It allows you to wirelessly transfer your files, videos, and photos from your old phone directly to your new Moto X device. Definitely will help the transition into Moto X awesomeness, and I feel this will be one of the first apps users will download once they pick up the new phone. Let us know if you plan on getting it.

Source: Techno Buffalo

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