Google's One Today donation app exits pilot mode as more charities are invited to sign up

Right around a month ago, Google opened up the flood gates and let any US-based Android user download its One Today app — a program that makes it wildly simple to donate a dollar (or more, of course) to a different charity each day. Now, Google is officially releasing the entire project from pilot mode, inviting the masses to both download the app (still US-only, unfortunately) and get their charities into the ‘Google for Nonprofits’ database.

Signing up for One Today is completely free, and Google has provided resources for those looking to get their charity authorized for inclusion. Be aware, however, that Google charges a 1.9 percent processing fee when taking in payments; in other words, each $10 donated translates to $9.81 in usable funds for charities. The real kicker, we’re surmising, is the social tie-in. The more people who donate and then share to various social networks, the more likely their friends and peers are to follow suit. And, ideally, we all join to solve all of the world’s problems.

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Via: TechCrunch

Source: Google Nonprofits Blog, Google One Today, Google Play Store