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Goldman Sachs Report Suggests Moto X Will Have Nexus-Like Price Tag

moto xA group of Goldman Sachs analysts have put their heads together to create a 21-page document that assesses the implications of the impending Moto X smartphone release for Google as a company. The article goes into some detail on how Google is likely attempting to channel Apple by moving towards integrated hardware and software development and reducing costs that Samsung has previously imposed on it. However, of most interest to us the consumers is that the report puts the price of the Moto X at about$300, putting it at a Nexus-esque price point.

From the leaks we have seen, the Moto X is not likely to be a high-performance device in the same class as the Samsung Galaxy S4 or the HTC one, instead opting for software enhancements which Motorola‘s close collaboration with Google has clearly benefitted from. This and the fact that at a likely 4.5-inches the Moto X is far more dangerous to the Apple iPhone than any Android phone before it, and then on top of that put on a $300 price tag, and you might just have game changer.

We’ve still got one day to wait before the wraps officially come off for the MotorGoogle device, but if this report is accurate, the Moto X could be one huge success for the joint effort’s first outing.

Do you think the Moto X could really be around $300 USD? And does this change your mind about getting one? Let us know what you think.

Source: Barron’s via Phandroid

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