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Bubble Launcher Brings a Different Way to Launch Apps [APP OF THE WEEK]


Bubble Launcher has been mentioned before on our site, and this week I decided to make it app of the week. Now it is not a home replacement by all means. It is simply a different way to launch your apps without using your app drawer.

Bubble Launcher is one of those apps that stays on your screen. Meaning that a  little bubble of wonder peaks around the bezel of your device, and when you are ready for app launching business, you can swipe at in which ever way you please  to see those lovely apps of yours

First there is the, what I call, “Jogger knob” way. This causes a bigger bubble to form where you can go through your apps alphabetically by turning the bubble in a circular motion . If anyone is familiar with old video editing equipment, you will know what I mean by jogger. If you decide to swipe up, Bubble Launcher will launch your favorites in a crafty window. The window is drastically huge, but at least you have lots of room to put your favorite apps in there. Then finally, if you swipe down, all your apps appear for your choosing.

There is some customizations with Bubble Launcher, but it is very limited when it comes to the free version. I say try out the free version to see if you like it, then open up that piggy bank and donate some change to the developers. Check out my brief run through below, and let us know if you downloaded it.

Play Store Link

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