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Why It’s Mad Not To Care For Your Smartphone

Fashion Over Function?

Some people will do anything to look good, even if it means excruciating pain. Take for instance high heels, most women will put up with these painful and impractical forms of foot ware just to look good. Well it seems some people are applying this logic to their smart phones too. Whenever I see someone walk by with an iPhone without a case I can’t help but think that they must be mad. The pain this is going to cause and all the cracked screens I’ve seen prove the point. I can’t help but ask if it’s worth it.

Reasons To Protect Your Phone

It seems like it should be unnecessary to say but there are good reasons to take care of your phone and a simple thing like a case could save a whole lot of hassle and cost when you drop your phone. Here are some reasons why you need a case:

–          Glass casing – the iPhone is well known for its sleek and cool style. A big part of how it looks so good is that it is, in fact, cased in glass. It may well be a special kind of glass that is supposed to be resistant to shocks, but the results of many dropped iPhones show it will, and does, crack quite easily.

 –          Mistakes happen – most people know someone who is always breaking their phone, dropping it in water or hitting it against inanimate objects. Yes it does happen to some more than others but it will sooner or later happen to you too. And if you don’t have some form of protection, it’s probably going to crack.

 –          Big is useful – with phones getting ever smaller, it’s all the more easy to misplace them or tip them out of your bag without realising it’s in there. When your phone has a case, you know it’s there. No more losing it and no more breaking it, win win, no?

 –          It runs your life – when you’ve synced your Smartphone with everything, it now is solely responsible for keeping you on track. If your phone breaks, you lose emails, contacts, appointments and more. Yes you can go and get them all from your computer but if you had time to do that you wouldn’t have needed to sync it all to your phone in the first place.

 –          Cases are cool – no longer are the only cases available the cheap leather ones you find in a cheap market. The market for cases has really expanded and there are a range of bespoke cases to fit your every need.

Look After Your Phone        

Though this message isn’t going to get through to everyone, some of you won’t be able to deny that caring for your phone just makes sense. If you decide you want to get a case have a look around at the various options available. You can find everything from Marvel phone cases for comic fans to professional looking alternatives. Whatever you choose your phone will thank you for taking care of it.

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The author is a PR and communications consultant. She has been working in the field for a number of years now and has gained a lot of experience on the job. As well as communication she is passionate about a wide variety of topics from marketing to fashion and writes about them in various blogs online.

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