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Samsung Galaxy S5 Review

The Samsung Galaxy S5 review team has noticed an abundance of rumors that have been rampant for several weeks concerning the new specs of the anticipated S5 model. At the onset we received word that the Samsung Galaxy S5 would consist of an all metal aluminum body, but now we have caught wind of a dramatic turn although the next generation device is still in its early design stage.

Early details from Design 3.0 team implied that the Galaxy S5 would consist of an all-metal aluminum body; however it has been leaked that the Galaxy S5 will actually have a carbon fiber body. It is quite reasonable that the legacy plastic body of the Galaxy S4 would be substituted with a carbon fiber design because of Samsung’s recent purchase of fifty percent of SGL group stock. The SGL group is one of the globe’s leading designers of carbon based products.

Concept for the Galaxy S5 Review

In a press release from both camps, SGL and Samsung, the corporations acknowledge the advantages of not just a partnership but the use of carbon filter in multiple devices produced by Samsung. Company representatives issued the statement, “The cooperation is expected to provide a stable long-term supply of carbon fiber materials for Samsung and promote its use in various Samsung products and applications such as consumer electronics, medical devices and engineering applications.

Samsung further stated that the use of the carbon body was being considered for other Samsung devices. The President and CEO of Samsung Petrochemical, Yoosung Chung, believes that lighter weight materials have evolved into an important factor not solely in industrial applications but also in the retail markets like digital media.

The official Samsung Galaxy S5 website listed several advantages to utilizing a carbon fiber body. When implementing the carbon fiber design, Samsung iterates that the Samsung Galaxy S5 will be lighter in weight and easier to operate and carry. The new chassis will also provide the next version with a high tech sleek design with the added strength because of the carbon. Finally, Samsung put out that with the advent of the new body, phones can be engineered into any design and shape, and unique and attractive designs can be expected.

At this time the specifications of the new model are unclear but a report from iDigital times reveals some concepts by designer Bob Freking. Freking believes as well as the Samsung Galaxy 5 review team, that the new phone will ship with Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie. The new Android version is expected to be released in October. He also believes the Galaxy S5 will feature a 5 inch 1080p Super AMOLED Plus display with touch screen buttons instead of a physical home button as in legacy models.

Concerning connectivity, the Galaxy S5 should include the high speed 4G LTE capabilities. Two other carriers, Verizon and AT&T have both spoken of importing the LTE capabilities to the US, so this strongly implies the likelihood of it being included. However, concerning any possibilities of 5G capabilities, THE Samsung Galaxy S5 review team is not too confident. Samsung has conducted experiments with 5G and flexible screens and is not yet feasible for commercial release.

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