IT Communication CabinetsCloud computing is hotter than ever; users can do pretty much anything on a smartphone or tablet as on a personal computer. Given the current prominence of cloud computing, it is understandable that data backup is a big deal right now. Although files can easily be stored on the cloud, many users enjoy the security of knowing that their important documents are backed up through the use of alternative approaches. Extra backup is essential for those less inclined to use the cloud, as physical storage continues to present a number of security risks. Whether individuals and businesses obtain online backup free or pay for these services, they nearly always find that such systems make worthwhile investments.

SMB Data Storage Trends

Larger corporations hopped on the data backup train a long time ago, but as with most things, small to medium sized business (SMBs) have been a bit slower to embrace this technological revolution. New solutions become particularly important as smaller businesses deal with greater data load requirements combined with stagnant or even rapidly decreased budgets.

SMBs have been exploring hybrid storage. This approach allows for unparalleled consolidation, a major concern for businesses short on storage space. Essentially, hybrid drives combine the two more common types of storage — hard disk drives and solid state drives — into one streamlined system that gleans the best from both systems.

Also popular are in-house backup appliances, which allow SMBs to take on a greater level of control in data storage without dealing with the usual concerns that accompany in-house data backup. These serve as excellent solutions for anyone still a bit wary of cloud storage but hoping to complement the service of outside backup providers. These appliances are designed to put backup software and storage together in one easy-to-understand format.

An Ideal Data Storage Solution

With so many available options related to data backup, it can be hard for the modern SMB to know where to begin. Unfortunately, there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution to data storage. Every business needs a tailored approach that meets specific requirements related to that company’s size, location and industry. SMBs are best served by evaluating current storage approaches, determining areas that need improvement and using such analyses to develop concrete plans.

While considering the ideal data storage solution, the SMB leader will want to keep the basic essentials of the successful data backup system in mind, according to Perhaps most important of these features is data storage, as users are continually surprised just how quickly they can surpass the limits of what may initially appear to be ample storage. Equally essential is a good security system, as a breach could prove devastating for a smaller business lacking legal resources. Finally, some sort of notification system can prove valuable in the case of emergency or simply as a means of getting in quick contact with the appropriate party.

Don’t settle for the first data storage provider to come along. Check for the essential features detailed above and be sure to ask about any potential company’s background. You will want to understand the details of the provider’s security system, as well as thorough plans for implementation and repairs, should the need for them arise. Take a proactive approach to data backup and you’ll be rewarded by minimal glitches in the future!