U.S. Cellular will begin selling Apple products later this year

U.S. Cellular, the fifth-largest carrier in the United States, will start selling Apple products later this year. Announcing their Q1 financial results, the carrier said that they hope that adding Apple products to their lineup will help convice people to switch.

We have a number of strategies in progress to increase loyalty and attract more customers, including our announcement today that we will begin offering Apple products later this year. By further strengthening our device portfolio, we’ll give consumers another great reason to switch to U.S. Cellular, and enable our existing customers to choose from an even wider variety of iconic smartphones, and enjoy the outstanding U.S. Cellular customer experiences they deserve.

These products surely include at least one model of iPhone, and possibly the iPad. U.S. Cellular currently sells several different Android tablets, so adding the iPad to their lineup wouldn’t be a stretch. Specific availability of Apple’s devices on the carrier wasn’t announced.

U.S. Cellular will be the latest carrier in the United States without national coverage to get Apple devices, a group that has been expanding rapidly over the last couple of years. While most of their customers come from the four major carriers, Apple wants the iPhone in as many hands as possible, and the small and mid-sized carriers like U.S. Cellular allow them to do just that, offering better prices on plans while still selling a device as great as the iPhone.

Source: PRNewswire