Every 9 out of 10 bloggers in the world like to use WordPress that is a free and open source blogging tool. Today, more than 1 million websites are on WordPress. The tool is most popular among non-tech savvy bloggers as it is the easiest Content Management System (CMS). There are many top features of WordPress that give freedom to bloggers to personalize their websites such as themes, plugins, widgets, mobiles, multi-user and multi-blogging.

Plugins seem like an ornament for a WordPress website that allow users to extend its abilities beyond the core functionality. You will be amazed to know that WordPress has a collection of over 20, 000 plugins. Every year new plugins are added to give bloggers more freedom to decorate their website in the way they would like to. In this hub, you are going to know about the top plugins for your website to enhance its quality.

Search Regex

It is painful to check all the post and change image directory name. The plugin enhances search and replace functions to WordPress. It allows you to search and replace anything from the stored data on your website within a few seconds such as comments, post titles and Meta data. It is available in English, Arabic and Belorussian languages.


Yoast SEO

You all know the importance of SEO for a website. For bloggers, it is the best medium to attracts readers and improve rankings of their sites. Yoast SEO is a powerful plugin that allows you to create a SEO friendly WordPress website by helping you create better titles, blocked duplicate pages and add necessary Meta tags. New versions of this plugin have more advanced features that may impress you.

404 Email Notifier

No wonder, 404 errors hurt your SEO effort. It stands for PAGE NOT FOUND. To get over this problem, all you need is to install 404 email notifier. It is a simple yet smart plugin to keep you alert by sending an email when one of your visitors encounters a 404 error. The mail contains details of the visitor like the IP address, the referral URL (might be responsible for the error) and the name of the browser.


It is to manage 301 redirections and keep track of 404 errors. It is two in one plugin and you can install it when you are changing the directory of your WordPress installation.

The list of some other top WordPress plugins is long such as:

  • SlideShare
  • Smart YouTube
  • W3 Total Cache
  • WP Optimize
  • Adminer
  • P3 Profiler

You are required to install the plugins which you feel necessary. In case, you find difficulties in installation and setting of a plugin to your website, it’s better to look for the help of a web development company. These companies help not only commercial but also personal site owners.


BIO: Sussan Deyhim is from techandtrends.com and a University Lecturer. She loves to write on technical topics like IT Professional. She is writing from last three years.