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The iTunes influence, part three: Art in the age of digital disruption


The iTunes influence, part three Art in the age of digital disruption

“What happened is way worse for musicians. It has forced musicians to be marketers.”
John McVey, producer, Coupe Studios

“I fear that in general the only musicians able to create a truly independent and successful career are those who had one before the industry changed, who had the fan base in place to enable them to continue independently of the record labels.” That’s Peter Owen, an independent composer and producer. He is one of many musicians who feel that the internet has made the business of creativity more challenging.

Parts one and two of this series surveyed how iTunes and MP3 catalyzed the digital music movement for labels and consumers. The effect of the internet on musicians is less recognized. In one way, musicians have benefited similarly to consumers. While consumers have gained amazing access to music, musicians have acquired unprecedented access to listeners.

So it’s the promised land for musicians, right? Not exactly. For many creators whose careers span the before-and-after of digital music, there is a crushing sense that the grass isn’t greener after all.

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