When we first took a look at Runtastic back during Fitness Month we called it one of our favorite apps on Windows Phone. Since then the app has gotten better, with recent updates bringing it on par with its iOS and Android counterparts and great Windows Phone 8 support. Starting today you can now get Runtastic hardware – like their heart rate monitor – in the U.S.

The app works even better with the Runtastic heart rate monitor, but you couldn’t get that in the U.S at the time. Daniel ended up importing one, while I was lucky enough to snag one earlier in the year at CES. Since Runtastic is based out of Austria our European readers didn’t have a hard time picking up the gear.

Runtastic Heart Rate Monitor

Amazon will carry the hardware later today here in the United States. That makes Runtastic (app + hardware) the only app that will track your heart rate during workouts on Windows Phone. I don’t see them up on Amazon yet, but you’ll want to look for this particular version of their heart rate monitor to work with Windows Phone. They have a newer version that doesn’t require the dongle through the headphone jack, but you won’t be able use it because Windows Phone doesn’t support Bluetooth 4.0 yet. We’ll update when we see it up on Amazon, keep us posted in the comments below if you see it.

Some other interesting Runtastic news? Runtastic claims 25 million mobile users with 30 million app downloads. The company has other apps on iOS and Android, so that’s where the 5 million gap comes from. Of those 25 million mobile users, about 10 million use the website to track and compare stats.

Anyone on Windows Phone looking forward to grabbing a heart rate monitor for their runs, bike rides, and other workouts? Sound off below!   

Source: The Next Web

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