Saturday, July 13, 2024

How to stop notification vibrations on the Samsung Galaxy S4



A simple setting hidden in a not-so-obvious place

Update: To clarify, this is for the international GS4 only. Looks like the US versions don’t require any extra steps to enter mute mode.

If you've got an Android 4.2 phone set to vibrate mode, notifications that would normally play a sound alert cause a vibration. On the Nexus 4 that's easily avoided by cranking the volume all the way down to the "mute" level, but on the Samsung Galaxy S4 (international version only, for some reason) the lowest level on the volume bar is 'vibrate,' not 'mute.' So how do you avoid being pestered by vibration alerts? Turns out there's a simple toggle for it, though it's tucked away in a less than obvious place.

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