This is interesting stuff… Google has reportedly hired one Noah Falstein to be their next (or is it first?) chief game designer. According to a cached version of his LinkedIn profile, he was initially tapped to be the Chief Game Designer at Android Play Studio. Hmm.

Considering Google doesn’t officially develop games or have an Android Play Studio (that we know of), the hire is worth keeping an eye on. Google has dabbled in games through the Niantic Labs team (Ingress) but we’ve yet to see anything concrete that signals a more “official” desire.



It’s worth reminding that Google is also rumored to be considering a Game Center of sorts for Android games. Perhaps we could see something that features Google+ leaderboards and achievements across select titles. Or, maybe Android Play Studio is Google’s pet project for fostering development and backing other developers. Whatever the case, we’ll be keeping a close eye on Mr. Falstein.


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