Sunday, July 21, 2024

A quick look at the BlackBerry Q10 official accessories


Safety first, and that means cases!

Alongside the BlackBerry Q10 devices proper, many retail locations in Toronto have been selling accessories. For your viewing pleasure, we grabbed as many of the official BlackBerry ones as possible (third party ones weren’t in stock quite this early). 

First off, there were hard shells and soft shells, in both white and black. Each installed super easily and looked great with their corresponding color. Frankly, I can’t abide by Kevin’s cookie-based fashion sense. There’s a clear pink soft case too, for those that are interested in something a little more colorful while still staying understated.

Besides cases, there was was the strapless leather pouch, and the secure leather holster. Both had enough wriggle room to allow for one of the shells to be on, which is nice. Take a closer look at the range below – just keep in mind that there are a few more official accessories that we haven’t had a chance to check out just yet.

If you have a Q10, you should definitely grab your accessories from ShopCrackBerry at the links below; we’ve got some solid discounts going that will make most of them cheaper than what you’ll see in stores. 

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