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Yahoo announces six original shows, WWE streaming partnership


Yahoo announces six original shows, WWE streaming partnership

It’s been just under a week since Yahoo scored exclusive rights to stream Saturday Night Live clips, but the old guard of search has just divulged more of its video plans at its Digital Content NewFront event. Taking a page from Netflix’s playbook, the firm announced its original comedy lineup will be released in a “binge-viewing” style á la House of Cards this fall, and added Tiny Commando, We Need Help and Losing Your Virginity with John Stamos to its humor roster. Mayer and Co. also revealed a trio of lifestyle programs called Fashion Recipe, Cinema & Spice and Grill Girls, which are headed online at some point later this year.

In addition to its in-house programming, Yahoo’s partnered with the WWE to create an online wrestling hub starting this summer, which will include clips, a 30-minute Monday Night Raw pre-show, two original weekly shows with 50 episodes per year, an archive of full historic matches and more. The folks in Sunnyvale are also set to stream video content from Conde Nast Entertainment, and expand their relationship with ABC News thanks to World News Behind the Headlines, Nightline: Online and GMA Live. News junkies will also be able to tune into the CNBC’s Talking Numbers. For descriptions of the outfit’s original shows — and how it’d like to catch your attention with ads — hit the jump for the full press release.

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