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Top 7 iPhone Apps for Social Media Addicts

7 Social Media AppsThe iPhone is the most popular mobile device in the world, with hundreds of millions of users and with an increasing popularity. The reasons for this popularity are diverse, but the most important of them would be the capacity of this device to offer numerous social media features. Let’s see the most popular Social Media Apps for this device, to determine if you need those on your iPhone also.

1. FlipBoard

Flipboard is like a central panel from where you can manage all your accounts on social networks. It has Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram features, allowing you to read the updates and posts from all those networks. You will have a single timeline from where you can manage all your accounts, and the friendly interface of the program makes it easy even for people that are not so familiar with integrated applications.

2. Facebook

Facebook remains the most popular social media app, as it is free, easy to use and always updated with the latest features that appear on the desktop version of the program. You can upload photos, movies, and you can post ideas on your wall in real time. The application keeps you connected with the fascinating world of Facebook, and you can even upload albums from your phone, which is great after a vacation or after an important event.

3. Meebo Inc.

The average user of a Smartphone is connected with three chats at the same time, at least. However, there are users that want to stay in touch with more chats. You need the Facebook Chat, the Gmail chat, but also the Yahoo messenger and WatsApp. All those chats could be integrated and managed with Meebo, which is the most popular chats integrator for mobile terminals. Moreover, it has a friendly interface, which looks a lot better than the one of other applications of the same type. It does not support Skype, but the developers strive to include this service in their offer.

4. Imo

Imo has about the same features and options as Meebo, so it is up to you to decide which one of those programs you like best. One of the advantages of this program is the fact that it supports Skype, and the chat history that is pretty accurate for all the chats hosted.

5. Seesmic

This is another program that integrates social networks, but it also supports WordPress, which is great for webmasters. You can post on all the popular social networks from a single interface, being perfect for the users of many social networks.

6. TweetDeck

TweetDeck has all the features of the Twitter application, with the difference that it is… free. Therefore, if you don’t want to pay for the official Twitter app, you can consider TweetDeck as the best available free alternative.

7. Uface

Uface allows you to customize avatars that can be used for all the major social networks. If you got bored of posting your photos as images for social networks, you can always create an avatar that can be used as your image on the respective networks.

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