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Samsung’s estimated profits for Q1 top $7.7 billion on the eve of the Galaxy S 4


As it’s known to do, Samsung Electronics has released early estimates for its quarterly earnings and Q1 of 2013 was another good one for the company. According to reports, its operating profit is expected be around 8.7 trillion won ($7.7 billion), pushed by sales of its current smartphone lineup even as its new standard bearer, the Galaxy S 4, waits in the wings. The projections slot in lower than its record setting $8.27 billion Q4 2012, but still up significantly from last year’s $5.16 billion operating profit for the same period. More detailed breakdowns by division will be available in the full report April 26th, but we’re getting the idea they’re doing just fine.

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Source: Reuters, Yonhap News, Bloomberg, Korea Newswire

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