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RHA MA-350 earphones review



One of the first things we typically do with our new smartphones is toss aside the headphones that come bundled in the box. As good as they are, we’d rather spend a few more bucks for something a little nicer. And, while not many of us can afford to drop $100 or more on a set of headphones or earbuds, we often find that $40-$60 is a good price point. It’s here where you’ll find a wide variety of accessories to choose from, many from brands we’ve come to love. Such is the case with the RHA MA-350 earphones.

rha_ma350_pouch_bundleBuilt of aircraft grade aluminium, these stylish headphones surprised us with the sound and overall value. Without getting too deep into specifics we would have been happy paying another $20 or so for the MA-350′s.

You’ll find plenty of bass and crisp, clean highs in the earphones and the soft, silicone tips feel great in ear. Noise isolation helps drown out your background chatter and sound however it’s not perfect. If you’re looking to get true noise cancellation without turning volume levels up you’ll need to look elsewhere. With that said, these work wonderful on bicycle rides, on the beach, or on the daily commute to work. These worked very well on our phone and laptop when used on cross-country flights.

We found the MA-350‘s to be very comfortable in extended use; the three sizes of tips fit just about any ear we tried without slippage. The braided cord kept us from tangling or getting twisted up however we did detect, on occasion, a buzz or vibrating sound when bumping against them. This wan’t a persistent problem and we’ve seen this on more expensive models.

Drivers 10mm Mylar
Frequency range 16-22,000Hz
Impedance 16ohms
Sensitivity 103dB
Rated/max power 3/10mW
Weight 11g
Cable 1.2m Fabric braided
Connections 3.5mm Gold plated

In terms of build quality we get the sense that these earphones are in it for the duration. We didn’t see anything that looked like it was going to fall apart or weaken with age. A carrying pouch comes with the earphones and keeps them protected and away from the elements (or the curious hands of children).  Speaking of the long haul, we really liked that these came with a 3-year warranty.


  • Unique aerophonic design naturally transfers sound from the speaker to the ear
  • Soft silicone tips provide comfort and noise isolation
  • Machined from solid aluminium
  • Fabric braided cable eliminates tangling and prolongs cable life
  • 3.5mm gold plated connections
  • S/M/L size tips
  • Carry case

What we liked:

  • Good value for the money
  • Soft tips lend to more enjoyable experience on long term
  • Stylish design – looks more expensive than really are
  • 3 year warranty

Room for improvement:

  • Bass is deep but sometimes sounds “muddy”
  • High volume levels do not provide the same consistent sound – occasionally tinny

Where to buy: You can learn more about the RHA MA-350 earphones on RHA’s website. To purchase them, you’ll end up redirected to We currently see them listed for only $39.95, a great price for the bundle.

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