Sunday, July 21, 2024

Reuters: Media exec Peter Chernin bid $500 million for Hulu


Since the sun came up today it must mean that Hulu is up for sale, again. The latest extension to the sale rumors for the video streaming site is one from Reuters citing anonymous sources that indicates Peter Chernin, a former News Corp exec and Hulu board member has submitted a $500 million bid. There’s no word on how big a stake he’d be interested in taking, but that’s significantly lower than the reported $1.9 – $4 billion bids received from Dish and Google when the site was up for sale back in 2011. Of cours,e any sale price may vary on whether or not the acquisition come content included, but either way, we’d expect a few more possibilites to pop up before something (or nothing, like last time) happens. Of course, Peter Chernin was one of the folks pushing for a shorter theater to home release window and more TV on the Xbox, both of which have come to fruition in one form or another — maybe he can make a deal happen.

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Source: Reuters

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